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How to install contact paper

Contact paper is one of the most easily available items and its sticky surface makes it even more usable. Just use the sticky surface of this paper to any surface and get that look which you always wanted. Get the wood finished ones for your door or just use it to decorate the walls. Itís a great idea to use contact paper if you are not planning to stay in the same place for more than a couple years. With so many designs and colors available contact paper can surely be your answer to all the decorative needs.

Though the adhesive on the back makes it very easy to be applied to but care should be taken to apply it nicely without having any air bubbles fill up the space between layers.

First of all the surface to which the paper is applied should be fully clean and dry, then whether itís the wood door or the cabinet of the kitchens. All the drawers and appliances should be wiped clean ensuring that there is no dirt and grease on the surface.

When installing contact paper it is good to start by applying a small piece so that if anything undesired happens or itís not up to the mark then that small portion can be peeled off. A scale can be kept on the top surface to ensure a wrinkle free finish. Here you should consider using something that will not tear off the paper. If the paper is not applied accurately and there are air bubbles then it can be smoothened by doing a small hole with a sharp thing like needle. Doing this will cause the air bubble to escape and thus the portion can be flattened using a finger.

Decorating the walls with contact paper with strips is one option which add a new excellent look to any room. To install contact paper in form of strips a ruler can be used to draw lines according the size and then the strips in desired length and width can be cut. Contact paper can be easily applied to the cabinets and drawers with just few simple steps. If it is being applied to any appliance then a strip which is a bit long can be cut and folded along the edges. This will give it a neat look.

Contact paper is perhaps the easiest decorative material in the market and just few simple steps can add a whole new feeling to any corner of your home.

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