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Contact paper is one of the most multipurpose product and can be easily used to give any cabinet, shelf and a wall a new look. It is also ideal for the craft work, making it even more usable. Contact paper come with an adhesive surface which can very easily be pasted on to any surface. Different forms of this paper like marble, wood grain and camouflage makes it the ideal choice to cover up any surface.

Contact paper removal is also not very difficult and can be executed quickly and effectively. Contact paper does not wear off easily, but if you want to apply a new contact paper to give your space a makeover then you can do follow some simple steps.

If the contact paper is dry then it can be easily removed using a hair dryer and a solvent which can dissolve the residual adhesive. The hair dryer will warm up the underneath adhesive which will make it easy to remove. The hair dryer should be kept at a distance of about 3 inches form the surface from which the contact paper is to be removed. The blow dryer should be used on the entire surface by moving it in all directions. This will heat the glue. Now the contact paper should be peeled off from one corner and then using a scraper you should try and pull as much of the contact paper as you can. But the adhesive on the contact paper is strong and this process may not entirely clean the surface.

To remove the reside glue an adhesive solvent can be used. One of the most easily available of these is cola. Just dip a sponge in cola, apply it on the surface and leave on for few minutes and then just wipe off the surface. Another solvent like Goo Gone can be used which is a better choice if the contact paper is to be removed from textured or porous material. The surface should be cleaned properly by using a cleaner .This method can be used to remove contact paper from any surface. If the contact paper is used in shelves which are used for keeping items that are wet then the contact paper may also get wet. In this case you may need to use the hair dryer for long.

The contact paper is one of the best and economical products and with proper steps can be easily removed.

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