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Clear contact paper

Contact paper not just a single use paper but can be employed in many things at home improvements and decorations. You can use it in virtually any and every room of your house be it the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, kids room or any other place. Requiring just cleaning of the surface with a damp cloth, this self-adhesive papers are an ideal choice for people who wish to change the look of their room but do not have the money and time the painting and other wall renovations will require.

Available in a variety of names like decorative, clear, colored, camouflage the contact papers find usage in almost every corner of the house to provide protection to the surface they are being applied on from the outside damages, which can be caused by dampness, heat or anything like this.

An ideal choice to protect drawers, shelves, windows and closets, the clear contact paper due to their special adhesive advantage can be repositioned anywhere without leaving any traces or sticky residues even slightly. The high quality these transparent papers come packed which saves them from getting yellow and faded with time and are non-glare in nature

Available as rolls, you can cut them as per the dimensions or custom size you require. Providing you complete ease of application, removal and storage and also cleaning up the clear contact paper will fit perfectly in your requisite frame.

Also great for sealing, you can employ it for maps and even for craft work at schools and also to cover notebooks, diaries and other books. A grid provided on the backside offering an accurate measurement and neat cutting, adds all the more to its usability and utility and multi-purpose uses.

Available easily form all major stores as well as online retailers, you just have to place the order and can see the same getting delivered till your home and that too free of any shipping charges.

An ideal choice you are seeking for to protect the shelves, drawers and closets of your house, the clear contact paper will give you the choice of protection and that too without changing the background look for its transparent nature will make the background visible even after the

contact paper have been pasted. So, wait no more add a whole new and protective edge to your drawers, a place which stores many of your valuable assets safely and properly.

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